Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hair Inspiration

I was blessed with a head of super thick, wavy hair and when I went to get some layers a couple months back, I came out with a mullet. Like one (yes, just ONE) layer that was ear-length and then the rest of my hair hit mid-back. With my thick hair this just looks awful. It takes almost an hour to make my hair look decent, but it looks very contrived, especially after spraying it with ten pounds of hair spray! The cut was right before the craziness of midterms, and then finals, so since I barely had time to even shower, I did not get my hair fixed. I am thrilled that I think I have found my wedding stylist who I am going to next week to get the layers blended and to figure out hair color for my wedding. As you can see in the photos below, Kate Beckinsale is one of my hair idols. She always looks put together without looking like she tried too hard. When I saw her on a shopping trip awhile back, I was in awe of how naturally beautiful she is!  Here are some photos I've kept in a "hair" folder on my laptop of beautiful hair; some of which I will bringing to my appointment next week. I will keep you guys updated on how it turns out!




  1. I love kate's hair. It's so thick and gorgeous.

  2. i like a lot the first hair photo! (i don't know who's that girl..)but i love her hairstyle!