Friday, June 25, 2010

Blog Sale:Hair Products

Please e-mail me at if interested in any of the below items. Please provide your paypal e-mail address and I will send you an invoice with shipping included-$3
Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo & Conditioner, used twice (both are practically full) both 8.5 oz, $20 for both or $12 separately
Retail: $40 for both
From Moroccanoil website:
• Color Safe
• Restores Moisture
• Keratin Enriched
• Sulfate, Phosphate and Paraben Free

Bumble and Bumble curl conscious reactivating mist, 8.5 oz Brand new-$15
Retail: $22

From Bumble and Bumble's website:

       Reawaken soft waves or tame hyperactive curls - perfect for mid-morning touchups (and evening revivals).
  • Who: For all curl types looking to refresh curls throughout the day.

    When: Mist anytime throughout the day to tidy and refresh curls (use last when layering with other products).

    How: Mist from roots to ends on dry, styled hair (anytime).

     Frederic Fekkai Full Volume Instant Root Lifting Spray, never used-$10
    Retail: $20

    Frederic Fekkai's Full Volume Instant Root Lifting Spray is heat activated styling spray which creates instant fullness and lift at the roots.
    Yarrow, oak root, kukui, and cherry bark nourish and condition the hair while Pro Vitamin B5 and wheat protein protect from the over-drying heat of a blow-dryer.
    Apply to towel-dried hair before blow-drying paying extra attention to the roots.

    Tuesday, June 22, 2010

    New Blog Design

    I'm currently in the process of re-designing my blog (by myself!) so it will probably take me a couple days to complete--I am keeping the blog open but just be aware that it's going to look jacked up the next 48 hours or so!

    ♥ Lynn

    Tuesday, June 15, 2010

    Hair Inspiration

    I was blessed with a head of super thick, wavy hair and when I went to get some layers a couple months back, I came out with a mullet. Like one (yes, just ONE) layer that was ear-length and then the rest of my hair hit mid-back. With my thick hair this just looks awful. It takes almost an hour to make my hair look decent, but it looks very contrived, especially after spraying it with ten pounds of hair spray! The cut was right before the craziness of midterms, and then finals, so since I barely had time to even shower, I did not get my hair fixed. I am thrilled that I think I have found my wedding stylist who I am going to next week to get the layers blended and to figure out hair color for my wedding. As you can see in the photos below, Kate Beckinsale is one of my hair idols. She always looks put together without looking like she tried too hard. When I saw her on a shopping trip awhile back, I was in awe of how naturally beautiful she is!  Here are some photos I've kept in a "hair" folder on my laptop of beautiful hair; some of which I will bringing to my appointment next week. I will keep you guys updated on how it turns out!



    Thursday, June 3, 2010

    My Week in iPhone Photos

    I saw these amazing, humongous cupcakes at The Malibu Country Mart. The photos don't do them any justice, they were the size of a small cake!
    Beautiful day at the beach in Malibu. Each time I go to So. Cal I always have to go to Malibu. It was 85 degrees the day we went, perfect for spending the day at the beach.
    The reason I went to LA was for a sample sale at Winnie Couture, but I was not successful there. I did find my dress at another store, which I am super excited about!! I am super picky about beading and details, so I bought a dress that does not have any beading and I am going to have the beading portions of the dress custom made. Unfortunately it won't be until next May that I get to share it on my blog. =(

    Just doing a little house shopping....

    Tuesday, June 1, 2010

    The Truth About Sunscreen

    With summer rapidly approaching and a need for a new bottle of sunscreen, I went to research products and a rumor I've been hearing over the last several months about the safety of sunscreen. What I found out is horrifying and I think it is SO important that I share with everyone who reads my blog.
    In simplified terms, most sunscreens on the market are harmful to your health for a couple reasons. First, most contain cancer causing chemicals. Secondly, sunscreen depletes the body of Vitamin D, which can slash all forms of cancer by 77%. One article I read states: "Scientific evidence shows quite clearly that sunscreen promotes cancer by blocking the body's absorption of ultraviolet radiation, which produces Vitamin D in the skin."
    The carcinogenic products in sunscreen have never never been tested or approved by the FDA. As a side note, I took a pharmacology course recently and learned that many drugs are never tested by the FDA, but they pay the FDA to write them off. I believe that this is the truth regarding sunscreen products.
    The chemicals that are proven to be harmful when absorbed into the skin include:
    Benzophenone-3 or Oxybenzone: These are both free radical generators activated by ultraviolet light. Free radicals can initiate reactions and lead to melanoma and other skin cancers.
    Triethanolamine (TEA): his ingredient may combine with nitrite (used as a preservative or may be present as an environmental contaminant) to cause formation of cancer-causing nitrosamines. Nitrites are not disclosed on cosmetic labels so there's no way of telling which products are contaminated with nitrosamines. Particularly disturbing is that up to 35 percent of TEA applied to the skin can enter the bloodstream.
    Titanium Dioxide: has the ability to cause DNA damage in human cells and there is concern that it may be carcinogenic.
    The Good:
    Zinc Oxide: Zinc oxide is a mineral that provides complete UVB/UVA protection, has anti-inflammatory properties, and is considered a safe sunscreen ingredient. However, the regular form of zinc oxide leaves a strong white residue on the skin. To create a clear skin product rather than one that leaves a white residue, zinc oxide is now made in the form of nano-size particles. There is growing concern about the toxicity of nanoparticles, which has initiated a world-wide effort to study the skin absorption and phototoxicity of nanoparticles of preparations used in sunscreens and cosmetics.

    From here, I felt helpless but found a few brands of sunscreen that did not contain the harmful products normally used in mainstream products; I ultimately chose to order a sunscreen from Kabana Skincare.
    In addition to ordering sunscreen, I felt it was extremely important to buy some Vitamin D capsules as well.

    To read more about sunscreen safety, click here or here
    *Update: Check out EWG's website for more information and help with picking out the right sun care products for you.