Monday, November 4, 2013


Plaid usually conjures up images of 90's grunge style, but it has made a fashionable comeback this Fall. I can't get enough of mixing plaid with leopard...but don't go overboard. Try pairing a plaid blouse with leopard booties or a leopard clutch for an unexpected mix of patterns. 
Below are some plaid pieces that I've picked up for Fall (these plaid pants are a current favorite and were recently worn by Kourtney they're inexpensive)! The Target blazer is my absolute favorite jacket for Fall. I love the colors and the leather detailing.
How do you like to style your plaid pieces for Fall?


  1. I love how regal plaid can look. I agree that it can go many ways though! Too grunge, too preppy. There's a fine line but overall I'm loving plaid as well!

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