Tuesday, July 21, 2009

50 Facts About Yours Truly

1. My favorite place to be is on the beach in Kauai.

2. I love Nordstrom, my favorite place to shop.

3. Someday I want to live in LA (Los Angeles, that is).

4. I always spend too much money whenever I go to Sephora.

5. I help deliver babies and it is the most rewarding, exciting job.

6. My favorite author is David Sedaris.

7. I wish I worried less.

8. I hate rollercoasters.

9. I am addicted to coffee and drink a cup every morning with fat free hazelnut coffeemate.

10. Dexter is my favorite show.

11. I do not eat red meat and haven’t for the last 10 years.

12. Clue is my favorite board game.

13. I am always hot.

14. I love champagne and really want to go champagne tasting one of these days.

15. I can’t stand bad grammar.

16. I love the smell of Coppertone sunscreen.

17. I cannot wait to have a (big) family of my own.

18. I am a terrible artist.

19. I wear my heart on my sleeve.

20. I love everything pink.

21. One of my pet peeves is flaky-ness.

22. I used to be terrified of amputees. Once I was at a play and saw someone missing an arm; my mom had to take me out of the theatre.

23. I dislike Monopoly, it’s boring.

24. I am obsessed with weddings and event planning.

25. The AC has to be on full blast while I sleep.

26. I want to start writing in a journal every day.

27. I love perfume, Chanel is my favorite.

28. I could live on sushi for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

29. I deeply care about my friendships.

30. I am a believer in ghosts.

31. I believe all things happen for a reason.

32. I love taking naps with my furbabies Daisy and Nala.

33. Every plant I’ve owned has died.

34. I want more pets. I hope to have a dog or two someday.

35. I’m trying to quit drinking soda to be healthier.

36. I am a major procrastinator.

37. Essie Ballet Slippers is my favorite nail polish.

38. I love babies, when I was little I knew I wanted to work with them in some way. My favorite toy was Pregnant Barbie!

39. I am very sensitive.

40. Action movies bore me.

41. I am a total pieces. Feb. 27th.

42. I love Target.

43. My favorite video/computer game is the Sims 3. Nerdy, I know.

44. I have an inappropriate, dirty sense of humor.

45. I love Britney Spears no matter what she does.

46. I used to hate being tall.

47. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

48. I subscribe to just about every US fashion and gossip magazine.

49. La Mer moisturizer is my favorite beauty product. I wear it to bed every night.

50. I am extremely clumsy. I usually don’t go a day without spilling or breaking something.

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