Monday, November 23, 2009

Chanel Hydramax Serum: A Review

During this time of the year, my skin freaks out, leaving me with flaky, chapped areas, especially on my forehead between my eyebrows. To maintain a smooth, moisturized appearance, I have a very high maintenence skincare routine. One of the most important products that has improved my skin tremendously is Chanel's Precision Hydramax Serum. Here's what it does, according to amazon:
- Activated waterproofing proteins to help restore moisture in cells
- Stimulates reconstruction of intracellular cement to preserve moisture between cells
- Skin surface is pampered with exceptional hydration & comfort
- Leaves skin soft, smooth, supple and protected
- Suitable for all skin types and ages

When I was at the Chanel counter, the saleslady told me that it actually changes the pH balance of your skin over time with regular use (the amazon description pretty much says this). This serum is supposed to be paired with your moisturizer to lock in the serum and keep your face looking hydrated all day. I use my La Mer moisturizer on top of the serum. I love, love the scent of the Hydramax serum, it's so light and fresh. It really does get the job done at hydrating the skin and never leaves my face looking greasy. I love that when I put my makeup on over the serum, it stays and applies fabulously. The consistency is more like a gel than a moisturizer but it instantly hydrates the skin. My only complaint is the price; $80 for 1 oz, which brings me to...

Olay's Regenerist Regenerating Serum

I bought this serum about a year ago and I find it to be comparable to Chanel's Hydramax Serum. I don't know if it has long-term effects on the skin but it definitely does its job at hydrating the skin upon putting it on. If you don't want to spend the hefty $80 on the Chanel serum, I would say definitely pick this up for $17.50 at your local drugstore.


  1. The Chanel Hydramax is brilliant- have you tried the cream, would really recommend it!
    Love, The Poor Little Rich Girl's.x

  2. The best way to effect the pH of your skin is to do it from the inside out.