Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Fix For Dry Scalp

For years I've struggled with extremely dry scalp. I've tried medicated shampoos and conditioners, specialty products; basically anything and everything on the shelves for dry scalp. While some of the products have helped a little, I (still) haven't been able to find a shampoo and conditioner that works for curing my dry scalp. A few months back I bought moroccan oil and have been using it as a shine and strengthener on my hair. A couple nights ago after I got out of the shower I thought I would try massaging it into my scalp in addition to putting it in my hair and it did the trick! I was afraid it would leave the top of my head greasy but it didn't at all. If you're searching for something to help dry, itchy scalp you have to try this! While I don't have a shampoo/conditioner that works for my problem, moroccan oil will work for now and it also smells so good!


  1. Thank you sooooo much for posting this. Fiancée has a major scalp issue so this might just be a good helper for him. I think he needs some dermatologist help for sure but this would be a good self home helper too.

  2. Great suggestion! I too suffer from dry scalp and have never thought about using the moroccan oil for that. Don't you love the way it smells? Heaven!

  3. Tea tree oil works as well!

    And I have no idea how much Morrocan oil costs, but the tea tree oil was only 3 bucks.


    Also, I washed out the oil with tar shampoo.

    The downside of the tar shampoo is smelling like a grandma. :(

  4. I have this but was afraid to put it on my scalp because of the greasiness, but now I am going to try it since you mentioned it didn't cause greasiness, yay!