Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fall Purchases and Wants

Being that it is September first, I thought it would be appropriate to do a Fall post-despite the fact that it has been 90+ degrees here in California. I'm ready for fall already!

Fall Buys
People's Liberation for Charlotte Russe Tanya Red Skinny Jeans

Colored Jeans have been a hit this summer, and are huge for fall as well.
These were marked down to $29.99 from $94.99 which I thought was quite a steal. When the tag was scanned, the price came up as $0.99!!! With tax, I payed $1.08. major SCORE! Never in my life have I payed so little for clothes, not even for socks. Unfortunately these are sold out on Charlotte Russe's website.

Heart print blouse from H&M

Bath and Body Works Salty Caramel Wallflower
This is a new fall scent of Bath and Body Works'. I love it, however Creamy Nutmeg is my favorite but it won't be available until later in the fall.

Fall Wants

Snakeskin is all over the place for fall-check out Kim and Kourtney Kardashian both wearing Christian Louboutin snakeskin shoes.

Missoni for Target Scarves

I will be ordering these online as soon as the Missoni merchandise goes live on

What's on your wish list for fall?


  1. pretty finds, I seriously cannot even believe you only paid 99 cents for a pair of pants! Wow!

    My Fall wants: A blouse with a huge bow at the collar. Oh, and a big black clutch (YSL's Belle du Jour would be amazing!)

  2. LOVE the Belle du Jour clutch! And I saw a couple of blouses with bows at the collar at H&M recently, in black and coral.