Friday, May 1, 2009

5 Things That Make Me Happy and Hair Update

I have a case of blog writer's block so I'm posting about 5 things that make me happy through my personal pictures.

#1: My baby sister
#2: Wine Tasting in the Napa Valley

#3: My lover buns

#4: The beach in Kauai, Hawaii

#5: My kittens

So, about my hair...a couple months ago I decided to go blonde, as you may have seen earlier on my blog. I went to the salon to someone I trusted, who had cut my hair before, and the outcome was disastrous. I had orange hair with some blonde highlights. I couldn't stand it and was not, of course, going to go back to the same person so get it fixed, so I made an appointment the following weekend with another colorist who lightened up the orange pieces. I have gone to her twice now, but the last time she did a very sloppy job; I had very light spots on the top of my head, with orange roots, and darker ends. Fed up, I made an appointment with yet another stylist and she did a FABULOUS job. My hair is finally almost how I want it! I will post the timeline of pictures once it's exactly where I want it.


  1. I think I like the dark hair better on you than the blonde.

  2. Such cute pics! A bitty kitty like that would make me happy too :)

  3. Hello! How fun to meet another Davis blogger (or formerly from Davis, anyway)! =)

  4. your cat is adorable as are all of your pics