Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hair Diaries

As promised, here are (finally) the photos of my hair transformations. I have changed my mind once again about what I want to do with my hair. Your opinions would be greatly appreciated! My idea now is to add highlights to my brown hair and slowly go back to blonde. Last time it turned out bad (orange) because 1. the stylist was not experienced, and 2. I went from medium brown to blonde in one salon visit.

Me at age 2; this was the best picture I could find showing my hair color at the time. I was a blondie from birth to about 4 years old.
4 or 5 years old, with chocolate frosting all over my face...some things never change! ha.
My natural hair color.

The first salon visit where I went from brunette to blonde. Notice the orange streaks.
After one color correction at a different salon; my hair color is almost identical to my orange tabby kitten!
After about 3 color corrections, still some orangeyness.
After I'd had enough and went back to being a brunette. Sorry about the blurry picture.

And lastly, a cute picture of my furbabies.


  1. haha love this post. My hair changes all the time too.

  2. Your kitties are adorable!

    Your hair journey is similar to mine. Born blonde, turned brown, dyed blonde, now back to brown. Now I think I want red :)