Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blogger Meetup in The Bay Area!

Over the past {almost} year of blogging, I have met so many people in the blog world; some of them I consider to be good friends. Last night, my IRL and fellow blogger friend Flo were talking about organizing a Blogger meetup in the San Francisco Bay Area. Both of us (as well as Amber live in the East Bay, but the meetup can take place anywhere in the area! Please e-mail me (lynnmg87@yahoo.com) or comment below if you're interested in meeting and/or have any ideas about venues, and I will put together a date! I was thinking sometime in January or February on a weekend. Some of my ideas include a day trip to the Napa Valley for wine/champagne tasting, a dinner date, or meeting at a fun restaurant/lounge.

Friday, December 25, 2009

David Tutera Wedding Decor

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! I grew up in a Jewish home, so as a kid Christmas was always the most boring day of the year for me. To occupy my time today, I started documenting my headboard making process, then...I broke my camera by dropping it lens-first on the hard wood floor. So the bad news is that I won't be able to show you how I assembled my new headboard. The good news is that I'll be getting a Nikon D3000 very soon. I've been wanting one for awhile and I guess now is the perfect time after the demise of my shitty Canon.
Before the death of my camera, I took these pictures...of my laptop screen...that's how bad I wanted these pictures. David Tutera, a famous party designer keeps his portfolio under lock and key on his website so no one can steal his photos. I tampered with the site and tried every trick I know to copy some of the photos to my computer, but to no avail. So I apologize for the poor quality and the cursor that appears in some of the pictures, but I had to share the beautiful decor at the "bling" wedding David Tutera designed. I have already begun taking notes on the decor from this wedding. My reception will be very similar with all white flowers.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Beautiful Blogger Award

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!! Sorry for the lack of posts as of late. I promise to update more often after the craziness of the holiday season is over. Upcoming posts include a how to on assembling a headboard from scratch, Spring 2010 Fashion lookbook, and wedding fashion/decor galore! On a side note, is there anything in particular you'd like to see on my blog? Please let me know in the comments.

On to the Beautiful Blogger Award...

A big thank you to Amber for this award!! Amber and I live so close to eachother, literally minutes away and hopefully we'll meet up soon! I'm supposed to list 7 random facts about myself and then nominate 7 others, but I'm going to do 3...I've done a couple lists like this before and like Amber, I'm not sure what to write...

1. I love wine tasting and feel fortunate that I live so close to the Napa Valley. One of my favorite wineries is Amphora; the owner, Rick is hilarious and so much fun. If you're in the area, go visit!
2. I have a pretty inappropriate, gross sense of humor. Sometimes I think I offend people!

3. I am obsessed with makeup, although you all probably already know this about me. I can't walk into MAC without buying something.

Here are 3 lovely ladies I'd like to nominate for this award:

1. Alexandra at HRH Collection. I love her girly style and fun fashion/home decor posts.

2. In the Fun Lane. Go here for tons of design inspiration! I have done a couple furniture makeovers a la Fun Lane style.

3. Brittany at It's Exhausting Being This Juicy. I love, love all her clothes! Juicy Couture is my favorite brand EVER, so naturally, Brittany's closet is one I envy!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rodarte For Target

I was so excited to go to Target on December 20 to check out Rodarte's collection for Target as I'd been anticipating the launch for months! I tried a few of the dresses on (there were very few left) and ended up only buying one dress. Here's my short review...
The Leopard print dress above was gone when I went, but from other reviewers I heard that the material is cheap looking. Did anyone else find this to be true? I tried on the black and pink halter dress (they're the same cut, style etc. just different colors/patterns) and I really wanted to like the pink floral dress, but it just made my hips look HUGE, even went I went down a size.
This was the dress that I ended up buying. LOVE IT! It's gorgeous. Perfect for the holidays. I contemplated buying it in the nude color as well, but I don't think I'm adventurous enough to pull off the nude. Who else went and tried things on? What did you buy/like/dislike?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Years Eve Party Dresses

This year I'm obsessed with sequins, so I will definitely be wearing a sparkly dress for NYE! Here are my favorite picks for NYE dresses at all different price points.

Thank You Thank You!!

"I frequently read your blog" Awarded by Emily and Noelle, Thank you ladies very much!!
"Sugar Doll Award" from Caitlin

I appreciate the love!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kiss Acrylic Nail Kit

Please excuse the nail polish on the sides of my nails!
Yesterday I bought the Kiss Acrylic Sculpture Kit from Target...I had been wanting to try it out for awhile. I hate having to paint my nails every other day, and I know that with acrylic nails, polish stays on as long as the acrylic stays. I don't like the look of long, long nails so I cut the tips down very short. I used to get acrylic nails at the salon and paid every couple weeks to get a "fill"; I'd never thought about doing it myself. I'm very impressed with this Kiss kit and recommend it to everyone!! It's only $7 and the acrylic powder/liquid will last you a very long time. The kit is user friendly and there are only a couple steps. I give it a 5/5

Monday, December 14, 2009

MAC Studio Talk

I'm finally getting around to filling all of you in on my MAC Studio Talk Class that I went to back in October. I'm so sorry it took me this long. As promised, I am going to share everything I learned at the class with you plus some of my thoughts. As you'll see, MAC products are recommended for use by the artist because of course they want you to go to this class then buy all their products! I added in what I use just so you have an idea of other comparable products.
The Studio Talk Class was taught by a very talented makeup artist who had a model up front to demonstrate on. She went over everything about prepping the skin for makeup, down to applying false lashes. Taken from my notes, here we go...

-Apply a lip conditioner in the morning before starting your makeup, or the night before to keep the texture of your lips smooth.
-Use Fix + before putting anything else on the face. Fix + makes your moisturizer stick and also sets your powder after your makeup is done.
-After spraying Fix +, incorporate a moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15 (I usually use Sunscreen as my moisturizer.)
-After applying moisturizer, put an eye cream on under your eyes as well as on your eyelids. Jessica recommended Moisture Lush eye cream for all skin types, and Fast response eye cream only with oily skin. Fast response also minimizes pores. (I use Neutrogena's Ageless Essentials Eye Cream).
-To improve the texture of the skin before applying foundation, use a primer. To apply primer, use the 187 brush. (I just use my fingers.)
-With the 252 brush, apply concealer under the eyes, going down-->up, so up towards your eye from your face. The 252 brush is flat, I use a similar one by Target that's a fraction of the price.
-Apply foundation with the 187 brush. With a matte foundation, use a matte under-eye concealer and vice versa.
-Contouring: I didn't write down the brush that was used for this, but you'd want to use an angle brush. Take a color a couple shades darker than your skin and work into the ear area, not down towards the mouth, but horizontally along the jawline. For contouring the nose to make it look thinner, apply the same shade on either side of your nose and set with powder. Highlight your nose down the center with a lighter color, and on your cheekbones towards the nose.

-Apply Lingering Brow Liner in sparse areas on your brows.
-Set with a clear mascara.

-Apply Paintpot primer in Painterly over the lids to eliminate any redness or veins and to keep the eyeshadow in place. You can stop here for an every day look with no eyeshadow.
-Apply an eyeshadow 1-2 times darker than your skin color on your crease. You want the most intensity of color to be under your eyebrow arch. Soft Brown is the eyeshadow color most use for the crease. (I use MAC's Kid.) I also never thought of applying the crease color before anything else, but it actually works quite well.
-On the outer crease, use a darker color with light pressure, and apply upward in small circular motions.
-Use a liner on your upper waterline to make lash line appear thicker.
-Highlighting under the brow: Use a light colored pencil under the brow, draw it on exactly as the underside of the brow is shaped, then diffuse it down with a brush. After that, put on an iridescent shadow over the pencil, just under the arch.
-Apply Cream Color Base in Pearl on the lid, under the crease.
-For eyelid shadow, hold your brush upside down and move from the lash line up towards the crease when applying.
-Take a color darker than your lid shadow and apply where the crease and lid meet with a flat brush and blend.

-Apply lipstick with a lip brush
-Apply Lip Liner
-Adjust lip liner with the lip brush
-Apply Gloss

-One of the makeup artist's gripes was that she often sees women wearing beautiful makeup, but it ends there. To keep it streamlined, so to speak, add a little shimmer to your collarbone/neck, and for a night out, apply shimmer on your arms, legs, and chest.

I really hope that was clear and that you picked up some new ideas/tricks! Although I already knew a lot about makeup and application, I did learn some in this class and I was so glad I went. If you're interested in attending a Studio Talk class, check with your local MAC or Macy's MAC counter to see when they offer one. It costs $50 but you get to choose $50 worth of products, or you will be refunded $50 if you choose not to purchase anything. Please let me know if you have any questions for me!!


Did any of you watch the season finale of Dexter last night? If so, thoughts??? I am so shocked and cannot WAIT for the next season!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shoe Porn

I've decided I have to have these Christian Louboutin Glitter Pumps for my wedding. Do you guys think it's to early to order them for my wedding which is a year and 4 months away?

Favorite Nail Polishes At The Moment

Left: Essie's Mint Candy Apple Right: Shelter Island
Mint Candy Apple
Shelter Island

I've just come around and started wearing blue and green nail polishes...I wasn't very fond of them until recently. After seeing Essie's Shelter Island on Tiffany, I had to have it. I'm now obsessed with unusual colors--it's nice to take a break from the usual dark fall/winter nail polish colors. What are your favorite nail polishes right now?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Bare Midriff

While perusing shopbop.com today, I noticed a new trend: cropped tops. It brought me back to Britney Spears circa 1999...not a good thing. This new trend is not one I will be following. Seeing all the "crop tops" reminded me of a recent episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm dealing with this very issue...
How do you guys feel about the new trend?