Thursday, February 18, 2010

Interior Design by Faye Resnick

I came across Faye Resnick's website while browsing for interior design inspiration and love her style. She designed both Nicky and Paris Hilton's homes. Below are photos of both. I like Nicky Hilton's Old Hollywood Regency style home and Paris Hilton's ultra girly home. I would say my style is an equal merge of both.

Nicky Hilton's home

Paris Hilton's home

Paris Hilton's dogs' home: Faye Resnick designed the dog house as well. It sits behind Paris Hilton's house and is a miniature version of her home. It is estimated to cost $325,000 and has central air, a crystal chandelier and is decked out with designer duds including Chewy Vuitton dog toys.


  1. I'd love love love that CHANEL table!!

  2. wowo I want s uper girly house like those! Amazing!!

  3. That dog house is crazy! The first time I saw it I almost collapsed with envy for those little pooches.

  4. Nicky's house is to die for! I love the black and white damask in the dining room photo. Gorgeous!

  5. love, love, love~