Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Makeup: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good

I'm in a makeup rut right now, so I was looking for some inspiration to switch things up a bit; love all of these looks...
I love this bold, bright pink lipstick on Kim Kardashian. I would only wear this look at night.
I think Megan Fox looks STUNNING here, I love the neutral colors with pops of shimmer and nude lips.

I'm going to try this look out for our engagement photos, I love the black rimmed eyes with a pop of coppery brown shadow right under the lashline.
Not so crazy about the hair, but I love the natural look Leighton Meester is wearing here.

The Bad and Ugly

In my opinion, these models from the Elli Saab Spring 2010 runway show look dead. The combo of pinky-copper eyeshadow and flesh toned lips is a no-no.


  1. i would recommend using a bubblegum pink in a matte shade, then blotting several times with lipstick, or even dusting translucent powder over afterwards. this would go great with the black lined + pop of copper shadow eyes (which I'm going to try out tomorrow, thanks for the tip!)

  2. Love Kim's bright pink lips.

  3. LOL. I am in a permanent makeup rut =( but I look like a clown or like a black eyes if a attempt anything. I need to take lesson or something!

  4. Love your picks! I think bright pink lips are really fun for a night out.

  5. i love this post! im obsessed w/ makeup and it's nice to see how people can use it well, and others not so well!


  6. Loving Megan Fox. Those first makeups are truly gorgeous

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  8. love your "good" picks! for me, kate bosworth, reese w, and natalie portman's makeup are always flawless.