Friday, February 5, 2010

Jennibean's Designs

The above pictures are of FABULOUS bags, handmade by my dear friend Jennifer. She is super talented and in addition to hand-sewing bags, she makes hand made cards that are adorable. She debuted her business in December 2009, and started out making travel bags for shoes. From there she began to make coin purses and cosmetic bags, which I am the proud owner of!! I cannot wait to use the travel shoe bag. I always just throw my shoes in my suitcase and worry about them getting my clothes dirty. Even worse, when I went to Florida last September, one of my shampoo bottles burst on the airplane and ruined my leather boots which I'd never worn!!
My most used Jennibean's Designs product is definitely the laptop case. I asked Jennifer if she'd be able to make a padded, protective laptop bag for my macbook, and that she did! It's padded just enough and I don't have to worry about my laptop getting scratched while I lug it around in my huge purse. An extra up-side is that it's so cute! So many laptop bags are so ugly and expensive!! If you're interested in buying any of Jennifer's bags, check out her blog and website, listed below. She can pretty much custom make anything you want, and you can choose different patterns for both the outside and interior!

Jennifer's Website

Jennifer's Blog


  1. How neat! Thank you for sharing!

  2. thanks lynn! i'm so glad you like all your jennibean's designs.
    :] can't wait to see you tomorrow!