Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween Hair and Makeup

Although I don't have photos of my entire costume(s), I wanted to share some snaps of my hair and makeup.

First up is my Corpse Bride costume. The whole thing was very last minute (I couldn't decide what I wanted to dress up as, and I didn't want a lame or slutty costume). I found a makeup tutorial on Pixiwoo's Youtube channel and followed the steps from a Corpse Bride makeup tutorial there. I really liked how the makeup turned out!

My second costume was from this past weekend for a friend's 20's themed birthday party. I love experimenting with makeup from different eras, so this one was so much fun! I went with a lighter shade of foundation, all matte, dark eyes and dark, defined lips.

*See that huge blister on my arm? I burned myself with my curling iron. I'm just thankful it wasn't on my face.

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