Monday, September 21, 2009

Engagement Photos

I've just started thinking about an engagement photo shoot to send out as announcements and have seen some inspiring pictures but don't want to post them here...

My style is very glam and luxurious; the opposite of earthy and natural so you won't see me sprawled out in a field of daisies or wearing jeans and a T-shirt in the pictures. Have any ideas?
If any of you would be kind enough to share yours (if you have them), I would love to see!


  1. If your in England...I don't know if you are, and if you're religious you could pose at some of these wonderful cathedrals that I've visited recently.

    I don't know just an idea. We're the complete opposite though because I can definitely see my engagement pictures being done in a park or on a beach haha.

  2. I actually love the idea of the beach! It's one of my favorite places to be.
    Thanks for the ideas!!