Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Look For Less: Nude Pumps

Steve Madden Trinitie Blush Patent Pumps, $99.95
Forever 21 Patent Pumps, $24.80

I own the Steve Madden pumps and they are more of a nude color than what they appear to be in the picture above.


  1. oooo i want those! I have been searching for nude pumps for such a long time now! I hope forever 21 has them the next time i'm there

  2. Nude color is great, I have a pair of nude heels too.
    X, fashion-nerdic

  3. Hey Lynn,
    I know, lilac is such a pretty color! And less expected than pink on the lips ;) I have tried the Loreal mascara exactly twice now. I want to use it a few more times before I give my review, but I must say I am not too impressed so far ;(

  4. Love the nude pumps! Your blog is so pretty, I just became a follower and I can't wait to read more : )

  5. I was drooling over those Forever 21 pumps just yesterday, guess I have to go use my gift card now!