Friday, October 2, 2009

Wedding Colors Chosen!

I knew long before I started planning my wedding that one of my colors was going to be pink. It's my favorite color and I've seen so many beautiful pink weddings. I was trying to decide between bright pink and light pink, and have decided that light pink may be too hospital-y, i.e. ugly muted light pink bedding, see photo below. So I have chosen to go with hot pink. I love all white weddings, so white, hot pink and silver will be the colors. The ottoman below is exactly what I want in terms of colors. What do you guys think?


  1. Hi,Love your blog..followed straight away when I found it! The hot pink is fab..more of a modern feel to it..although I personally love the dusky pinks but they're defo more of a vintage vibe! please take a look at my blog (please follow if you like!)
    :) x

  2. hot pink is going to be, well... HOT! hot pink and white are greeeat contrasts, you're going to have such a beautiful wedding! make sure you keep us posted on decorations & such as you go!