Saturday, October 31, 2009


Just wanted to let you guys know I'm not dead...just in the process of moving! Once I'm all settled my blog will be back in full force! Happy Halloween to everyone! Be safe!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Never Let Them See You Shine: A Review

Let me introduce you to my new favorite beauty product: Philosophy's Never let Them See You Shine Primer. I was very skeptical that this stuff wouldn't work or hold up with my specific problem, but it does and it does it well. I have combination skin that stays pretty much the same year-round. My nose and chin are oil-prone and my forehead/between my brows are very, very dry. Like peely dry. Sorry for the gross visual. I'd heard about Make Up For Ever's All Mat Primer, but didn't want to pay $45 for it, so I opted for this one which is $20.
I was expecting it not to work well for some reason, or that it wouldn't hold up all day. I was very wrong. This stuff is so amazing, I've been using it for a week now and my nose and chin areas are completely matte all day.
Here's Philosophy's description of Never Let Them See You Shine Primer:
shine from the inside, not the outside. never let them see you shine is a lightweight matifying primer that dramatically reduces oil and shine while providing a velvet matte finish. the unique formula contains a powerful anti-irritant cocktail that calms and soothes skin while enhancing skin exfoliating and trans epidermal water loss. you will instantly notice minimized pores and a shine-free canvas. primer can also be mixed with your favorite foundation makeup for instant oil and shine control.

I highly recommend this to anyone who has oily areas! You can purchase Philosophy products at Sephora, Ulta, Philosophy's Website, and select Macy's.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ten Drugstore Shampoos to Avoid

I normally don't write about products that I don't like or that are "bad", but I saw this article on yahoo when I went to check my e-mail and thought it might be helpful to you guys. Taken directly from yahoo's beauty channel, here is the list of "bad" shampoos:

No. 10: Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Smooth Vitality Shampoo, $8.33 average reader rating: 5.8 (out of 10)
Why: Most readers weren't impressed by this. "I don't think this shampoo and conditioner did anything out of the ordinary for my hair," one reader says. Another reader says it gave her "the weirdest breakouts on my upper arms."

No. 9: Suave Professionals Radiant Brunette Shampoo, $3.48 average reader rating: 5.8
Why: Most readers did not find that this enhanced their hair color. Instead it "left my hair rather tangled" and one reader says it actually "stripped away the color!" Others complain that this left them with "straw-like [and] dull" hair. One reader says, "I had colored my hair [and] it went a little too dark. I went to a salon … this is what they used to strip my hair of the color. LOL!"

No. 8: Sunsilk Anti-Caida (Anti-Fall) Shampoo, $4.59 average reader rating: 5.6
Why: The verdict: "This stuff dried my hair out and made my color run." Other readers agree, saying even though "I love the Sunsilk brand … this dried my hair out." The final word: "BAD."

No. 7: TIGI Bed Head Self Absorbed Shampoo, $10.50 average reader rating: 5.5
Why: Readers feel a bit "blah" about this shampoo. "[Hair] wasn't stripped, but it wasn't very soft or shiny," readers say. While most readers had a so-so experience, one reader says, "my hair [was] so dry and tangle-y that my fingers got stuck in it when I tried to rinse the shampoo out." One reader laments, "Now I have 1 liter of this sitting around. It wasn't completely terrible but I don't use it."

No. 6: John Frieda Radiant Red Color Captivating Shampoo, $5.49 average reader rating: 5.5
Why: This was a double-whammy disappointment, readers say. One complaint: "[It] made my soft, silky hair rough and tangled … unmanageable." But the biggest problem: "it did not seem to preserve my color at all," readers say. One reader was so sad that "all it did was stain my fingernails and towels red."

No. 5: TIGI Bed Head Moisture Maniac Shampoo, $10.50 average reader rating: 5.4
Why: While readers do concede that this "smells good," they still can't endorse it. Why? "After using it my hair is rough and hard to brush," one reader says. Readers generally agree that this shampoo is "not nearly as moisturizing as its name leads you to believe."

No. 4: Burt's Bees Rosemary Mint Shampoo Bar, $5.99 average reader rating: 5.1
Why: While this may work for short hair, readers with long hair say, "you'll do what I did and give up in the shower the first time." One reader says, "it was pretty difficult to get enough lather to completely get my hair clean, and I ended up in the shower for way longer than I wanted to be." The ultimate un-endorsement: "It made my hair look and feel like pubic hair," one reader says. "Nuff said."

No. 3: TreSemme ColorThrive Brunette Shampoo, $3.99 average reader rating: 5
Why: Our readers' major complaint with this was its lack of cleaning power. "I have fine, oily hair and must shampoo daily. With this product, I find myself wanting to wash my hair twice a day," one reader says. Another agrees, saying "my hair doesn't feel as clean after I rinse." Other annoyances: "the smell isn't that great" and "three times after I had used it, my scalp was all itchy," one reader says, adding "I'm not [usually] allergic to any shampoo."

No. 2: TreSemme Vitamin B12 & Gelatin Anti-Breakage Shampoo, $6.99 average reader rating: 4.9
Why: This left readers perplexed: "You'd think that a product that's supposed to inhibit breakage would help moisturize hair, but this really didn't at all," one says. She adds, "This ? actually seemed to dry my hair out even more." Other readers didn't like that "it left my hair feeling waxy (from the gelatin in it) and dry."

No. 1: Samy Smooth Shampoo, $5.99 average reader rating: 4.3
Why: Smooth? Not so much, readers say. Instead, "it completely left my hair feeling heavy and dry," one reader says. Another adds, "It doesn't smooth, and it leaves hair funky feeling and dry." Fine, oily haired readers didn't like it either. "Made my fine hair greasy," and "made my hair limp and unmanageable, and it always felt dirty," readers say.

What shampoo/conditioners are your favorite, drugstore or otherwise? I'd like to hear what you guys like (or don't like).

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Makeup Review: Barbie Loves Stila Liquid Liner

I don't know how I ever lived without this, seriously. I have used tons of different liquid eyeliners that I like, but this is the BEST. It does not smudge, it's waterproof, very black, and best of all easy to apply! The applicator is long and flexible (that sounds incredibly dirty), making it easy to put on either a thin or thick line. I think it'll also work great on my lower lashline/waterline to make my lashes look thicker.
I give Barbie Loves Stila Liquid Liner a 5/5!

In other news, today while obtaining my free eyeshadow in return for 6 empty MAC containers (which you should all do if you use MAC makeup!) I signed up for a class to learn more/different techniques to apply makeup. I'm so excited to go and learn! I've never taken a class like this before. While purchasing some makeup, I talked to the facilitator of the class and she asked me what I'd like to learn more about, specifically. She was so personable and listened intently to what I told her I wanted to learn more about and said she would definitely put it into the program tomorrow.
I plan on sharing what I learn with all of you either on my blog or youtube (although I'm a huge weenie and am scared to record a video)...
Anyway, I hope you're all having a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Look For Less: Nude Pumps

Steve Madden Trinitie Blush Patent Pumps, $99.95
Forever 21 Patent Pumps, $24.80

I own the Steve Madden pumps and they are more of a nude color than what they appear to be in the picture above.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wedding Colors Continued

Thank you Flo for showing me!! I have been playing with my wedding colors on this website and the above is what I've come up with. I'm not sure yet about using black, and if I do, it will be sparingly. I was inspired by Amy and David's wedding which was featured on WE tv's Platinum Weddings. As you can see, I've changed my mind on the silver. After putting some thought into what it would look like, I decided it may look too "cold", so I switched it to champagne. Here are a couple pictures from Amy and David's wedding reception, courtesy of WE tv

Sunday, October 18, 2009

MBR Clarisonic Giveaway!

Shasta over at My Blonde Reality is giving away a Clarisonic brush to celebrate her 1 year blog birthday! Check out all the details on how to enter here

I won some amazing items from Shasta's previous giveaway and LOVE them all! I will update with all the goodies she sent me soon. Love her.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Minx Nails

Minx nails are so popular right now; I have been seeing them everywhere in magazines and ads. They are simply nail coverings that require zero drying time and no chemicals. They can only be applied in nail salons and start at $45. I am definitely going to try these out! I love the way they look, especially the ultra shiny gold ones. Have any of you tried these yet?
Click Here to find a salon near you

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Beauty Blog Sale

Please e-mail me @ if you're interested in buying anything below, and I will create a paypal invoice. Shipping will be sent via USPS Priority mail for $3 in the US. I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures, my camera is almost out of batteries!

Maybelline Mineral Powder Illuminator in Nude, $4
Description: Natural minerals are triple refined to optimize their affinity with skin. Provides a sheer shimmer glow. I have used about 1/8 of this, so it is pretty much full.
Revlon Color Stay Foundation for Combination/Oily Skin in Natural Tan, $6
Only used 3 times.

Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo, $6
Description via Sephora: The ultimate time saver. It refreshes, revives, and rejuvenates the hair in a matter of minutes-no water or blow dryer required. Voted best Dry Shampoo and Best Quick Fix by Allure magazine, it effectively soaks up oil, removes product build-up, and boosts volume. Hair looks, feels, and smells freshly shampooed with a clean, lemon verbana scent. Go ahead, hit snooze!
Used once.
Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer, $10
Used once.
Lancome Blush Subtil in Cosmopolitan Pink, $10
Used three times.

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation in Classic Beige, $2
Used once.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wedding Dress and RHOOC

I saw this Maggie Sottero "Sabelle" dress in a bridal magazine and love it. I have yet to try it on--but I'm thrilled because a bridal boutique very close to where I live has it! I don't think I'll make a post with my final decision because I want it to be a surprise, but wanted to share this pretty dress! What do you guys think?
I am SO, SO excited for The Real Housewives of Orange County to return to Bravo on November 5. They're my favorite Housewives and it looks like the season will be good.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Wedding Colors Chosen!

I knew long before I started planning my wedding that one of my colors was going to be pink. It's my favorite color and I've seen so many beautiful pink weddings. I was trying to decide between bright pink and light pink, and have decided that light pink may be too hospital-y, i.e. ugly muted light pink bedding, see photo below. So I have chosen to go with hot pink. I love all white weddings, so white, hot pink and silver will be the colors. The ottoman below is exactly what I want in terms of colors. What do you guys think?

September Favorites

This stuff is really amazing. My hair is naturally very curly and frizzy and I very rarely wear it natural. When I don't have a lot of time to do my hair, I spray this Tresemme Simply No Frizz spray on my hair and all the frizz vanishes without making my hair look crispy or wet. I also use it after I've teased my hair and it looks like a crazy hot mess. Works like a charm!
I love Benefit's Throb! I was really into peachy colors during the summer and now I'm really loving cooler tone pinks. That's exactly what Throb is. It has barely there shimmer. It's a matte blush and you can barely see the tiny silver sparkle flecks.
This is MAC's Quarry eyeshadow. It's my new favorite. It's like a plumy-brown that is perfect for giving your crease some depth or putting on the lid with a darker color in the crease.
I've been using Frederick Fekkai's Instant Volume spray almost every day for the past month. You just spray it on your scalp/roots when your hair is damp and it will help with adding more volume, especially when the roots are teased.
I had a HORRIBLE breakout a couple weeks ago, which very rarely happens to me as I'm not acne prone. The Mario Badescu Drying Lotion is really the best thing I've ever tried for clearing up zits. I like that when I put it on, I can feel it stinging a little bit.
I just bought MAC's Close To Real and it's already become my favorite lipstick! It's the absolute perfect pink/nude. I really hope MAC keeps this one around.

I was going to do this in video form but I'm scared! I've never done a video. I guess my fear(s) are that my boss will see it, or some mean family member (which really isn't that huge of a deal), or that no one will watch or be interested! I already have 1 subscriber on youtube with no videos, so I guess she'll watch if I make one!
Anyway, I will keep you updated as to when I do my first video and I'll also post it on my blog.