Thursday, October 4, 2012

Recent {Clean-ish} Eats

Last night I made this popular on Pinterest "cauliflower crust pizza". The crust only contains cauliflower, an egg, and some oregano. I used light mozzarella cheese from Trader Joes, black olives, and splurged a little on pepperoni. Next time I will definitely be using a cooking spray instead of wax paper to line the baking sheet because the pizza stuck like a leech to the paper! It was messy, but delicious! You can view the recipe here.

This New Orleans Spicy Shrimp dish has become one of my favorite dinners! It's not exactly "clean" but I've cleaned it up the best I can. I modified the recipe and don't use any butter. The Heinz Chili Sauce isn't terrible, but it does have 2g of sugar per serving. Luckily canned/jarred products containing 2g of sugar + is my personal limit. Instead of dipping bread in the delicious sauce as the recipe suggests, I make mashed cauliflower and pour the shrimp over it. SO good! See the recipe here.

This foil baked fish was SO good, and super easy to make. I used cherry tomatoes, red bell peppers, red onion, fresh basil, chili flakes and squeezed some lemon over the fish and veggies to bake at 450 for 15 minutes. 

These grilled avocados have become my every day snack. I'm not big on dairy, but this is an exception  (plus I don't use very much cheese for these). See the recipe here

What are your favorite healthy recipes right now?

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