Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Shaving Face

I know this title is totally cheesy, but I had to do it. 

Apparently I'm a late bloomer to shaving the face. Models have been doing it for years, and Marylin Monroe was known to shave her face.

I was an avid waxer, as I am the hairiest person I know. I have a beard and a mustache (and hairier legs and arms than my husband) when I don't have the hair removed, and I know I owe this to my Jewish heritage.

Anyway, almost every time I had my face waxed (or threaded), I broke out. Herpes lip is not a pretty look, especially right before important events! I think it took a few too many experiences to finally learn that I should stop having my upper lip and sides of my face waxed. {Thankfully my eyebrows don't react negatively to being waxed or threaded.} I thought that if I started waxing my face on my own and immediately applied my own concoctions to limit break outs, it would solve the problem. I've tried using aloe, crushed advil mixed with water, neosporin, and Tend Skin. None have worked for me.

This brings me to shaving my face. I bought a pack of 3 facial one blade razors from amazon, and they are amazing! I'd be a hairy beast without them. I shave all of the hair on my face (except for my eyebrows) and neck with the razor, removing it from the direction it grows to minimize any chances of breakouts.
My face feels so soft afterwards, and I haven't had any breakouts.

Benefits of shaving your face include:

-Exfoliating dead skin cells without overstimulating the skin
-Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
-Minimized pore size
-Lightens acne scars
-Balances skin tone
-Removes blackheads

And the old wives tale about hair growing in thicker and darker when you shave it? Not true.

So, tell me..have you tried shaving your face?


  1. I would never in a million years guess you had a hairy situation! Sorry, I know that sounds really cheesy too. But honestly Lynn, your skin looks so pretty and radiant! I have the same problem unfortunately. I'm a hairy beast myself. I shave my arms and legs, but I don't shave my face. I do get my brows waxed, and occasionally my lip. I have some extra long sideburns and baby hairs around my hairline, which is why I never wear it back. Only to work out, and even then I never pull it all the way back. I've never tried shaving my face, but I've been tempted too! I guess I have a fear that shaving will make things worse. Thanks for being so honest in this post, it takes guts!


  2. Haha thanks Noelle! Sorry to hear you're a hairy beast as well, I wouldn't have known either! If you try the face razor, let me know what you think!