Tuesday, April 14, 2009

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So this last weekend, I got a BAD sunburn, it seems to get worse everyday. I made a vow to myself after this incident that I will start wearing sunscreen on my body. I currently use makeup that contains SPF 15, but after doing some research, today I bought Coppertone Nutra Shield Dual Defense sunscreen for face and body. In addition to the Coppertone sunscreen, I also bought Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral SPF 30 powder thanks to a recommendation from my friend (I am not going say any names of my family and friends on my blog unless I'm authorized to do so).

The January 2009 issue of Allure looks into sunscreen use and free radicals in an article called "Stumbling Blocks" by Laurel Naversen Geraghty. According to a UC Riverside study, certain sunscreens cause more free radicals to form than no sunscreen at all. If the findings are confirmed, the implications will be enormous and sobering, given that women have been told for decades the best way to minimize aging and the risk of skin cancer.
The study, helmed by lead author Kerry Hanson three commonly used, FDA-approved sunscreen filters Octyl Methoxycinnmate, Octocrylene, and benzophenone-3 can boost the number of free radicals over time when they break down and are absorbed into the skin. According to my analysis of the study findings, one hour after a ten minute session of UV exposure, the ingredient benzophenone-3 elevated free radicals, by 64 percent compared to the control, while octocrylene boosted free radicals by 33 percent and 16 percent respectively. To "quench" the free radicals, certain kinds of sunscreens with vitamins C and E and antioxidants can be used to help prevent this problem. The Allure article recommends Coppertone’s NutraShield Sunscreen Lotion with Dual Defense, Murad Oil Free Sunblock, Priori Radical Defense Sunscreen, and Topix’s Citrix Antioxidant Sunscreen.

Click here to buy Coppertone Nutra Shield Dual Defense 70 SPF sunscreen.

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I also bought Yves Saint Laurent Luxurious Mascara For A False Lash Effect in high density black. I tried it as soon as I got it over my cheapy Mabelline mascara and LOVE it. I highly recommend it if you're looking for a new mascara that gives lots of volume. Click here to buy it.

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