Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Look For Less

While browsing, I came across this skirt (by Rory Beca) for $209.00 that looks awfully familiar to a Forever 21 skirt for $17.80. The link to Forever 21 wasn't working, but you can find it at under skirts.

Forever 21 version

Rory Beca version

I was also going to post about a new hair cut using an awesome makeover site (, but there seems to be a glitch with uploading their hairstyles. I will try again later...


  1. Thanks for becoming a follower and for the great "budget" fashion finds :)

  2. The skirt is adorable! I think I might head on over to Forever 21 to get one now....

  3. What a great find...I love it!

  4. Hi I am a new reader! Isn't it funny how you can find the same expensive skirt for a MUCH cheaper price? Shows how people like to charge so much just because of the brand name. I am way to cheap for that stuff and I would def buy the cheaper version. Eat that Juicy Couture!!!