Thursday, April 16, 2009

Behavior Problems


I know this doesn't fit into the "theme" of my blog, but I'm curious to know if anyone has experienced anything similar to this problem. I have an 9 month old kitten, Daisy, whom I love to pieces; I adopted her when she was 12 weeks old. She is very affectionate and sweet only towards a select few: me, C (my love), and my best friend. When anyone else comes over, she watches from a distance. Anyway, I started to feel quite guilty leaving her to go to work, school, etc. so I began looking for a little playmate for her. I adopted Nala two weeks ago today, now a 10 week old kitten as a little sister for Daisy. They have been separated at all times except for a few supervised meetings. For the first 5 days, Daisy would hiss and growl at Nala when I let them "play". Now the roles are reversed and Nala is hissing and growling at Daisy. I'm not sure if they're playing or fighting when they interact. Daisy will chase Nala around the house, and then Nala will hide and jump out and Daisy, then chase her around. Here's the concern: Daisy pins Nala down and bites her; in return Nala bites back. There is never blood, but it results in Nala hissing or growling. I was advised by the vet to keep them separated for two weeks, which is today. Last night was their last "meeting" and nothing has changed in terms of the biting and hissing. Each time Nala hisses or growls, I separate them. The longest time they've spend together in a room is about 5 minutes. I'm hoping they will someday be friends. Has anyone else experienced this or have any advice?


  1. I've also got two cats. The first cat I got is mean to everyone except me and my fiance. I got a second kitten when my first cat was about a year old. They hated each other for several days, but then they got used to each other. Now they are best friends! I think you should just let them loose with each other, and they'll work it out on their own. They are PROBABLY play fighting a little, but become irritated occasionally! :)

  2. love your blog- new follower! :)

  3. It took my parents two cats three weeks to like each other. Basically, my parents let them "sort things out themselves" throughout the day but they were separated at night. What they found was that both cats were trying to assert their dominance and once it was established who was the dominant cat (it actually turned out to be the younger one!) they have been BFF.
    You have to expose them enough to eachother to let them sort that out.