Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day-Gorgeously Green

I just picked up Gorgeously Green by Sophie Uliano this past weekend and I have learned SO much about toxic ingredients used in everything from makeup to dishwasher detergent.
Here are the "red alert" ingredients used in many beauty and household products (YOU SHOULD TOSS THE ITEMS THAT CONTAIN THESE INGREDIENTS!):

1. Coal Tar: Used in dandruff shampoos and anti-itch creams, coal tar is a known carcinogen. Coal tar-based dyes such as FD&C Blue 1, which are used in toothpastes, and FD&C Green 3, which is used in mouthwash, should be avoided.

2. Fragrance: This ubiquitous term is used to mask hundreds of harmful ingredients, including phthalates, which disrupt the endocrine system and could cause reproductive and developmental harm.

3. Hydroquinone: Commonly found in skin lighteners and facial moisturizers, it is a neurotoxin and is allergenic.

4. Triclosan: This chemical is used in almost all antibacterial products, including soap, toothpaste, and cosmetics. Triclosan is often contaminated with dioxins, which are highly carcinogenic and can also weaken your immune system, decrease fertility, and cause birth defects.

6. P-Phenylenediamine: This is the chemical that has given a bad name to regular hair dye. It can damage your nervous system, cause lung irritation, and can cause severe allergic reactions. It's also listed as 1,4-Benzenediamine; p-Phenyldiamine and 4-Phenylenediamine.

7. Lead and Mercury: Lead could appear in toothpaste as naturally occurring contaminant of hydrated silica. It is a neurotoxin that also appears as lead acetate in men's hair dye. Mercury is found in a cosmetic preservative called thimerosol.

Now here's the good stuff!

I'm not going to list every single product that is "good" and safe from the book, but I will list some of my favorites:

1. Max Green Naked Rescue Cream: This is a fabulous moisturizer for dry skin. It is, of course, unscented.

2. Coral White Toothpaste

3. Mrs. Meyers: Mrs. Meyers carries so many kitchen cleaning products from handsoap to dishwasher detergent, you can buy everything at Target.

I encourage every one of you to buy Gorgeously Green for your health and well being!
Let me know if any of you have found any of the red alert ingredients in your cosmetics.

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